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Some of my early books, such as The Classic 1000 Student Cookbook still sell well to this day. However, sadly, recently, some of my favourite works featured on my website (I couldn’t show them all as there are over 60 of them!), are no longer being reprinted. However, they are still available as kindle editions, in libraries and via secondhand shops. I still get emails from people asking me questions about them and often telling me how much they like specific recipes. I have also just discovered that one of my favourites, The More Veg Cookbook as been reprinted in paperback form by Garrick Press and is available by clicking here. I have also given you a link further down the page.

Carolyn Humphries my books library cover of Good Gut Diet Cookbook

The Good Gut Diet Cookbook: With Prebiotics and Probiotics

(Lorenz Books – 2016)

This book focuses on eating certain foods as part of a normal, healthy diet, to help improve the digestive system. Eating higher levels of fibre, naturally fermented foods and those that contain probiotics or prebiotics means that good bacteria is encouraged to grow in the gut, leading to waste products being eliminated more efficiently, leaving you feeling and looking terrific! With a helpful and clearly explained introduction setting out what foods should be eaten and how to add quick-fix pre- and probiotic foods to your meals, the book also offers a two-week eating plan and over 100 ideas and recipes for dishes that are packed with the right foods to balance your diet.

Carolyn Humphries my books library cover of The Spiralizer Cookbook

The Spiralizer Cookbook: Delicious, Fresh and Healthy Recipes to Make the Most of Your Spiralizer

(Robinson – 2016)

This book is so much more than about making spaghetti from vegetables. It shows you how to make vegetables and fruit exciting and delicious as part of a healthy balanced diet. Although many of the recipes can be low-carb for those who want that type of diet to lose weight, most have optional healthy starchy carb additions to make them suitable for all the family – including kids. You’ll even find a few other surprises such as beef carpaccio all made using this clever, inexpensive little gadget.

The High Speed Blender Cookbook: How to get the Best out of Your Power Blender, From Smoothies to Soups

(Robinson – 2015)

This book is so much more than it says on the cover as you can not only find recipes for delicious soups and smoothies but you can make almost instant ice creams and sorbets, the lightest batters, the airiest breads and pizzas and everything from meatballs to pâtés to name but a few. This book is a complete guide to using your blender as an ultra-fast food processor. It can even heat your soup as you make it! It isn’t a reducing diet book, it’s a healthy way to eat properly and enjoyably every day – with the odd indulgence of course!

Everyday Family Recipes For Your Combination Microwave: Healthy, Nutritious Family Meals That Will Save you Money and Time

(Robinson – 2015)

If you had thought your combination microwave was a waste of space and you only use it to reheat the odd plated meal or cup of coffee, think again. It can be the most efficient, economical and versatile gadget in you r kitchen.This book will give you the knowledge and confidence to create complete meals for every time of day and occasion – quickly. It will also teach you how to bake great cakes and breads, and make simple snacks and side dishes.

The More Veg Cookbook

(Dorling Kindersley – 2013)

If you’re tired of the same old salad combination while trying to stick to meat-free eating, then The More Veg Cookbook will be your new kitchen staple. Featuring over 200 fresh, creative recipes that make vegetables the main event, it’s perfect for anyone wanting to add more variety to their diet.You’ll find step-by-step techniques for preparing and cooking vegetables such as cutting artichoke hearts and variations on basic recipes like risottos and pizzas. Helpful flavour combinations and quick recipe features are sure to whet your appetite. 

Voted one of the three best new cookbooks by Waitrose WeekendDelicious recipes that make vegetable the star attraction

The More Veg Cookbook: Over 200 vegetarian recipes for a more plant-based diet 

(Garrick Street Press – 2019)

The More Veg Cookbook has always been one of my favourites and I am pleased to say that it is now also available as a paperback, published by Garrick Street Press.

Making the Most of Your Pressure Cooker: How to Create Healthy Meals in Double Quick Time

(How To Books – 2013)

This book will help you make the most of this invaluable and fuel- efficient kitchen appliance so that you can create really tasty meals in a fraction of the time with conventional methods. The result is that you’ll save money, time and energy. But that’s not all. Because pressure cooking is effectively steaming, it keeps in so much more of the natural goodness content of foods and is therefore much healthier too. In Making the Most of Your Pressure Cooker you’ll discover how to pressure-cook complete meals, soups, desserts, vegetables and even preserves in double quick time.

Everyday Curries: How to Cook Really Tasty Curry Dishes at Home

(Spring Hill – 2012)

Although curries are one of our favourite foods, few of us make our own, preferring to buy cook-in sauces or takeaways. But curries are really easy to cook at home.They make delicious meals with a variety of fresh ingredients, lots of healthy vegetables, and stacks of flavour. With a selection of spices and herbs in your store cupboard, some basic fresh vegetables, and a well-stocked freezer, you can create fabulous curries whenever you want. You don’t have to be an experienced cook to follow the recipes in this book. Each one is simple to make with easy step-by-step instructions and no technical jargon. You can make great, authentic-tasting dishes using ready-ground spices and spice pastes. If you want to, and for really superb flavours, you can grind your own spices in a pestle and mortar. You’ll also find recipes for complementary side dishes and accompaniments, from pilau rice to raitas, chutneys, sambars, saags, bhajis and all kinds of other delicious and spicy treats.

How to Cook Your Favourite Takeaways at Home: The Food You Like to Eat When You Want to Eat it – at Less Cost and with More Goodness

(Spring Hill – 2012)

When you fancy a curry, Chinese, pizza, or good old fish n chips, nothing else will do. In this book you ll find easy to make, great-tasting versions of all your favourite fast foods. The recipes use simple, fresh ingredients to create tasty, well-balanced meals the whole family will enjoy. Many of the recipes are quick and easy enough to make as great after-work dinners; others take a little longer to prepare and may be better kept for weekends and special occasions. None of them are complicated, all of them taste delicious, and they are much healthier than what you buy on the street. There are plenty of great tips, too, on how to prepare in advance, what to look out for when shopping, how to cut corners to speed things up, and what to keep in your store cupboard. Most of the dishes are freezable, too, so with one lot of preparation you will always be ready to grab a takeaway whenever the mood takes you.

MasterChef Kitchen Bible

(Dorling Kindersley – 2011)

The MasterChef Kitchen Bible – all the know-how you need to become a MasterChef in your own kitchen. Featuring 100 classic recipes essential for every chef’s repertoire from Eggs Benedict to luscious Lemon Tart and 30 iconic recipes from the TV series including Dhruv Baker’s Spiced Battered Fish and Lisa Faulkner’s Goat’s Cheese and Red Onion Tart. Impress your friends by filleting flat fish or baking a perfect soufflé with 150 skills classes and find out the recommended kit all aspiring MasterChefs should have from the best knives to the perfect pans. Plus, “Ingredients Know-How” sections will point you in the right direction demonstrating favourite flavour pairings and tips on what’s in season when so you can create a winning menu.

Grown in Britain Cookbook

(Dorling Kindersley – 2010)

Take a tantalising food journey from farm to plate with the Soil Association and be inspired to make the most of the amazing range of produce that is grown, reared and caught in Britain. Discover what’s in season when and find out what food to look for month by month at your local supermarket or farmers’ market. I have created over 200 delicious recipes to show you how to enjoy your local produce, and there are ideas from some of the nation’s best-known organic food supporters including Sophie Grigson and Jonathan Dimbleby, plus a selection of dedicated organic smallholders and farmers. It’s a mouth-watering seasonal adventure.

Gluten-free Bread and Cakes from Your Breadmaker: With Full Details for Dairy or Lactose Intolerance

(Foulsham – 2009)

This book has been researched and all of the recipes tested, to produce freshly baked loaves that are wheat-free and/or gluten-free. So there is an allergy in the family, life must certainly change to address the problem but the quality of family life can actually be enhanced by making these changes. Basic crusty breads, bread rolls, sweet breads or savoury breads are here to enjoy along with some tasty cakes too. Please remember, do not put yourself on a gluten-free diet unless on doctor’s advice it isn;t a quick fix to weight loss or dietary problems! 

Slow Cooking Curries and Spicy Dishes

(Foulsham – 2008)

To this highly committed consumer market, we now bring the very best of eating from Curry and Spicy Dishes. It includes the best of recipes from around the world – India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, South America and Africa. The preparation is simple and the results exceptional.A curry is probably the world’s favourite step-change in everyday eating habits. And the slow cooker produces quite outstanding eating from these recipes. The long, slow cooking tenderises the meats and maximises the exotic flavours of the spices while it does so. This is one of the bestselling titles in the Premier UK Slow Cooker Library. 

The Hugely Better Calorie Counter

(Foulsham – 2008)

Calorie counters are bought to help control eating and get on top of weight problems. But today we understand that the problems more often start in the supermarket trolley. So this book makes it really easy to choose all the right products. The next most important point is that food packaging offers you cals per 100 grams in an effort to hide the real impact from you. This book tells it like it is, portion by portion, glass by glass. Just using it to buy a healthier calorie content in the food you buy in the supermarket, will help keep you in better trim and shape. Like all of the best ideas, it’s very simple really – practical.

A Taste for All Seasons: Teach Yourself to Prepare and Cook the Home-Grown Food of Britain

(Foulsham – 2007)

This book addresses all of these issues and takes us month by month through the maze of what to eat and from where. It re-introduces us to a healthy lifestyle and provides good recipes that make the most of all of the seasonal produce that is available to us throughout the year. We just can’t go on repeating the same old mistakes, for example flying fruit and vegetables to our supermarkets out of season. By the time we get it, the food itself has little value in terms of nutrition and we just can’t afford the cost in greenhouse gases any more. The problem is that nobody taught us about the intricacies of our local seasons and how they produce much more flavoursome and very much healthier eating. Carolyn explains everything here.

Continental Café: Recipes to Eat at Home

(Foulsham – 2004)

Perfect for the young and young-at-heart, the continental style has taken hold in the UK in a big way, with top chefs, restaurants and cafes all embracing this modern and vibrant style. Using only the freshest ingredients in new and imaginative combinations, menus feature such mouth-watering dishes as Crispy castello on rocket with fresh cranberry dressing, Tuna steaks with a herb and anchovy vierge and baby chargrilled peppers, Warm duck breast salad with courgettes and fresh raspberries, or Mango and passion fruit creme brulee. But these are not selections from a riverside cafe menu! They are just some of the dishes from this fascinating book, so everyone can enjoy the cafe style at home.

How Not to Get Fat: Your Daily Diet (with Ian Marber)

(Quadrille Publishing – 2011)

The principle behind How Not To Get Fat is simple: the most effective way to manage our weight is not to get fat in the first place! Instead of dieting, we need to learn how to eat, and in this follow-up to HNTGF, Ian Marber shows you how to eat in a way that helps you to manage your weight, enjoy your food, keep up your energy levels for longer and reduce hunger pangs. In Your Daily Diet Ian summarises his theory and then puts it into practice with a wealth of ideas for meals and snacks so that readers know exactly what they can eat on a daily basis without getting fat. Carolyn provides essential information on 50 healthy foods – including advice on how to buy, prepare, cook, and flavour them – and gives over 200 suggestions on how to turn them into easy yet enticing meals and snacks. She has also created 50 delicious recipes, each photographed in colour, to show how tempting your food can be. Ian has also devised 10 food planners, focused on different ages and lifestyles, each with daily meals and snacks to show readers how easy it is to eat well without gaining weight. How Not to Get Fat: Your Daily Diet is the ultimate good-eating book that guarantees you will never get fat.

Really Simple English Grammar: Know How

(Foulsham – 2003)

If the best advice you can glean from some grammar books is ‘Be sure that a pronoun, a participial phrase or an appositive refers clearly to the proper subject’, would it help you to improve your written English? I don’t think so! When you just need to know whether to use ‘practice’ or ‘practise’, you don’t want to be enmeshed in past participles, pluperfects or prepositional phrases – only to find that you don’t understand the definition anyway. You need an easy-to-find, straightforward explanation and a clear example so that you can get the job done. This is not a book about theory; it’s about learning how to use English correctly. It will show you what to do, when and why – so you can avoid the pitfalls, improve your English and never make the same mistakes twice. You’ll find everything you really need to know – and nothing you don’t! This is a totally indispensable little book.

Paint Your Life a Brighter Shade of Green

(Foulsham – 2008)

There’s no easy fix. We have to change our lifestyles – one step at a time. It’s not difficult and it will even save money. So why aren’t we all doing it? Because we don’t know where to start. And because we are surrounded by confusing and conflicting information. Everyone needs a cohesive plan to make their contribution. That’s what we have produced here. Step by step, you will look at how you are living and be introduced to eco-friendly ways of doing almost everything. It’s packed with great tips on everything from recycling to what to do with your food leftovers. You really can have a greener future… easily!