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Carolyn Humphries
Carolyn Humphries

I have loved cooking since I was a tiny tot. I used to stand on a chair in the kitchen beside my grandmother (a professional cook) and she taught me all the basic skills. I cooked my first Sunday lunch when I was eight or nine years old! Gran had such flair and natural talent. I like to think some of it rubbed off on me… 

Plant-based Proteins
Plant-based proteins are the way forward to help our planet but unlike meat, fish and dairy, plant-based ones are not ‘complete’ proteins. This means each vegetable protein does not contain all the essential amino acids our body needs for growth and repair. Therefore, we need to get a mixture of …
Low-Carb and Low-Fat Alternatives
Trying to cut down and lose a bit of excess weight now that 2022 is here? Eating low-carb and low-fat alternatives to your favourite high-calorie foods can be a great start to getting in shape. Here are a few suggestions that you might like to try. Cauliflower ‘rice’ Blitz florets …
Top Tips to Help You Lose Weight
Has lockdown weight grain been a problem for you? Well, in simple terms, to lose weight you need to eat fewer calories that you burn up as energy so your body has to burn fat reserves to keep you going, so the pounds fall away. So, whether you like it …
Egg Size Matters…
Ditch the Big Boys! Egg size matters because medium or mixed weight eggs are much less painful for the hens to lay! I recently did a Chicken and Egg Workshop presented by The Guild of Food Writers. It was an eye-opener and has changed my thinking on eggs for ever. …

My Skills & Expertise

  • Passionate about food and the environment
  • Nutrition expert, committed to encouraging eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • Highly creative cook and recipe writer
  • Wide range of knowledge and experience of different foods and cooking techniques from around the world
  • Expert in many kitchen appliances: microwaves, freezers, steamers, slow-cookers, pressure-cookers, electric grills, electric frying pans, food processors, bread-makers, ice cream-makers
  • Experience of writing and editing for international markets, including UK, US and Australia
  • Proficient on Mac and PC
  • NCTJ trained journalist and editor
  • Keen eye for detail so excellent proofreading skills
  • Qualified further education teacher
  • Restaurant critic
  • Discerning palate so ability to judge the quality of a wide range of foods